Delivery & FAQ


Not so shabby as suggested by the names is inspired by making shabby chic & Rustic looking Home Decor. An incredible amount of attention is paid to every single detail. The entire technique helps forge every ounce of shabbiness.

Each products can take more than 3 days to construct along with other orders, changing different tasks . From cutting the wood, creating the product, hand painting the design, to glazing and distressing- each and every step is done by hand just for you! An incredible amount of attention is paid to every single detail. The entire technique helps forge every ounce of shabbiness.

Each piece is custom made from new wood. Our Products are made of knotty pine and may have variations from the picture, including grain pattern, color inconsistencies, knots, dents and small imperfections. Knotty pine is a softwood so these natural imperfections are to be expected. We feel that slight imperfections help add to the character of our handmade signs & other products.

Each piece is hand painted using dry brush technique and then hand sanded to achieve a smooth & distressed finish. Similarly Walnut & Black options are hand stained and edges are hand sanded to highlight them to get the rustic effect. Nail holes are not filled in for few pieces like wood Art, rest are punched in and covered with wood filler. However, everything we make is sanded smooth and finished with 2 coats of Acrylic polyurethane to get a durable and beautiful finish., so no splinters! Back is unpainted/unstained.

All orders usually gets shipped in under 2 weeks. So you can expect a delivery between 9 -16 days excluding Saturdays and Sundays. This extensive time period is required at our end, as these are 100% handmade items and take a lot of effort and time to make. 

Once the item is shipped, it will take around 3-5 days at max to reach your doorstep. :) You can also track the order on the Fedex website using the tracking number received on your email address. 

I try to respond as timely as possible, but please keep the notes below in mind:
I am the Maker and I am also the janitor, so remember I am only ONE person and I have only TWO hands, So Cutting the wood then assembling the product, painting & hand distressing per piece, showcasing and updating Facebook/Instagram/website,  and even the clean-up takes time! So please know I will get to all of your emails, it may just take me around 48 hours to get to it.

Due to the highly customized creation of each and every one of our handmade pieces – returns ore exchanges are not accepted unless the item arrives damaged. Please contact us at within 7 days of order receipt to be issued a return for damaged pieces. If your order arrives damaged please save the box and all related shipping materials. Many times, our shipping agent will collect them as part of the shipping refund process