Taking orders, we’re just two people, production time 2-3 weeks to make and dispatch :)

Hello, I'm Vinanti.

A creative spirit & self-taught woodworker who transitioned from architecture to the captivating realm of wood artistry. What started as a hobby has now evolved into a small business, with each piece crafted by my hands, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

My aim is to fill homes with meaningful pieces, built to withstand the test of time.With a focus on sustainability, I breathe new life into remnants, crafting unique masterpieces. In my workshop, time and attention blend to create handmade treasures, embracing zero waste and giving purpose to every piece. I bring everything I've learned on this journey into my workspace.

No Mass production, just my hands, tools & hardwork.


 Thank you so much for stopping by. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about my shop or custom orders by clicking on the whatsapp link below to chat with us. 

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All orders usually gets shipped in under 3-4 weeks. So you can expect a delivery in 4-5 days depending on your location. This extensive time period is required at our end, as these are 100% handmade items and take a lot of effort and time to make. You’ll receive the tracking details in your email once you’re order is shipped.

Due to the highly customized creation of each and every one of our handmade pieces – returns ore exchanges are not accepted unless the item arrives damaged. Please contact us at letsmakehome@hotmail.com within 3 days of order receipt to be issued a return for damaged pieces. We know it can be extremely upsetting to receive a damaged item! We will do absolutely everything we can to ensure your concerns are handled promptly! 

While we strive to deliver all orders on time and make them in the order they are received, please know your order may ship a few days past its expected ship date. Each piece is hand made from start to finish in our small work shop and each expected delivery date is estimated. This date is estimated based off of the quantity of orders received each day. Please message us directly if your sign is needed by a specific date and we will try our hardest to meet this request.

Each piece is hand painted using dry brush technique and then hand sanded to achieve a smooth & distressed finish. Similarly Walnut & Black options are hand stained and edges are hand sanded to highlight them to get the rustic effect. Colours will vary each batch as it is hand done and also depends on the grains of the wood used. Everything we make is sanded smooth and finished with 2 coats of protection to get a durable and beautiful finish., so no splinters! Back is unpainted/unstained.

I try to respond as timely as possible, but please keep in mind:
I keep my day time plainly for the order work as I'm mostly operating on machines or painting which requires me to stay in the work zone and away from phones and computers. I will check on something in my breaks if it's urgent or I keep the replies for later in the morning or in the evenings after work. So please know I will get to all of your emails, it may just take me around 48 hours to get to it. Alternatively you can DM me on instagram which i normally don't miss.